CPAP Maintenance

General CPAP Maintenance & CPAP Cleaning Tips

  • Make your CPAP equipment cleaning part of your morning routine, allowing the equipment ample time to dry during the day.
  • Keep machine and accessories out of direct sunlight to avoid damaging them.
  • Never use bleach to clean accessories.
  • Other machine accessories such as power cords and data cards may need to be replaced due to equipment malfunctions.
  • Place machine on a level surface away from objects such as curtains that may interfere with the air intake.
  • Always use distilled or sterile water when cleaning components.
  • Keep track of when you should order replacement parts for your mask and accessories so that you always get the most out of your therapy.

With these simple tips on cleaning and maintaining your CPAP device and accessories, you will assuredly have a much better CPAP therapy experience.